• 1.What does "VHB" stand for?

    "VHB" stands for "Advanced Brightness Technology" (ABT). Originally, ABT was applied in aerospace and military fields. Lot of outdoor display applications need higher brightness to be viewed under sunlight. Usually, the brightness of regular LCD screens is too low to present vivid content in outdoor places. About ABT, this technology integrates both efficiency inverter design and sophisticated backlight module to enhance the visual performance of the display.
  • 2.What is "Nit"?

    "Nit" is the standard which LCD manufacturers rate the brightness of their panels. Another term for "Nit" is Candelas per square meter (Cd/m2). One nit = 0.2919 foot -lambert (F/ L).
  • 3.Does a VHB display consume more power than a CRT display?

    Actually a TFT LCD display requires less power than a CRT displays. A 17" CRT display usually consumes 75-100 watts. 
    However, a 17" LITEMAX VHB display just consumes 50-60 watts. Thanks to LITEMAX high efficiency inverter design; it makes the VHB display utilize all power to brightness without wasting a bit.
  • 4.Does the heat generated by the VHB display cause any safety concern?

    The VHB inverter is specifically designed to drive all CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube) in an efficient way. the heat generated by the VHB display is actually only a little higher than the ordinary LCD display. Actually, the traditional CRT display is much hotter than LiteMax VHB display. Therefore, there is no safety concern supposed to be addressed.

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